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President Harry S Truman
Vice President Alben W. Barkley
in the Oval Office
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February 2006
One-man play
by William Schrieber
Robert "Bob" Chimileski
Directed by Tim Daley

is the noise of smaller trees snapping back into position, the rustle and the cries of small creatures, and the and
oppressive than any silence that went before.  Frequently this happens on a dead calm day for no apparent and
oppressive than any silence that went before.  Frequently this happens on a dead calm day for no apparent reason.  
So it was today with Senator Alben Barkley of Kentucky.  He was making the keynote speech at Washington and
Lee University.  The occasion was their mock Democratic convention.  The Senator had just said, "I would rather
be a servant in the house of the Lord than sit in the seats of the might."  He collapsed and was pronounced dead ten
minutes later.
pronounced dead ten minutes later.

                                                                                               Edward R. Murrow
                                                                                                       April 30, 1956
April 2006

Mary Lou Rylands
Phillip Isaacson

Members of the Craftsbury
Chamber Players
Robert "Bob" Chimileski's portrayal of Alben W. Barkley in Burgoo! was his
first solo performance.  Involved in community theatre for 15 years, his credits
include: T
he Wizard of Oz, Fiddler on the Roof, The Music Man, Anything
Goes and Once Upon A Mattress.
 In addition to his acting skill Bob was
chosen for the role because of similarities to Barkley.  Both he and Barkley
are animated storytellers. Bob is a local practicing attorney and both have a
fondness for American History that weaves its way into their stories.
Performing works by:
Proceeds benefited The Friends and Neighbors Fund
"Fruits of Summer II"
Performances by:

Christine Sykes, Analesa Muir, Hannah Ricard, Maggie
Jones, North Country Swingers, Ruth-Ann Fletcher, Nancy
Colleran, Jim Cross, Shane Goodwin and Craig Sears,
Sylvia Woodmansee, Dr. Armando Lopez, Gail Strand,
Eilish Muir, Joe Queenin and Julia Meagher

The Fruits of Summer

Cassie Crawford, Christopher Flanders, Julia Flanders,
Diego Lopez, Natalia Lopez, Ricky Lopez, Kelby McManus,
Analesa Muir, Eilish Muir, Hannah Ricard, Noah Rivard,
Jolen Seguin, Georgi Sulser, Connie Daigle, Lisa
Erwin-Davidson, Lisa Farney, Chris Marcotte, Julia
Meagher, Joe Queenin, Lestra Seguin, Deb Sulser, Linda
Burke, Sylvia Woodmansee
Analesa Muir, Maggie Jones,
Hannah Ricard
Old Fruit gone bad:
Joe Queenin (with gun)
and Julia Meagher
Tim Daley as a Strawberry
masquerading as a Pansy.
A collection of flowers, part of
"Fruits of Summer II"
Sylvia Woodmansee
Eilish Muir and Gail Strand
Tap Dancing
"Fruits of Summer II"
proceeds benefit
The Elks Silver Towers, The
Frontier Animal Society, The
Friends and Neighbors Fund and
the NEKCA Food Shelf
On former Vice-President and Senator, Alben W. Barkley
June 2006
Jim Cross as a
"lemon" with
Craig Sears and Shane Goodwin
Hosted by
Tim Daley
Cecile Gelineau
Tomato and Strawberry